Saturday, 4 January 2014

No Fat Yoghurt Cheese..

Fat free Yoghurt Cheese! The easiest yummiest thing you will ever make and all it is is drained No Fat Black Swan Greek yoghurt. I've made this one plain but you could add flavours while draining. Using a piece of cheesecloth (you could use a unused chux) add the yogurt to the centre and pull up around the sides and tie up with string. I used a plastic jar with a lid to hang it over and tie up. Let the yoghurt drain in the fridge for 24 hours. It should be semi firm after this. You can roll it into balls and coat with herbs or add flavours like nuts and dried apricots if you like, great for cheese platters when entertaining! A great gift added to a Jar and top with herb, garlic or chilli infused Olive Oils, use in place of Cream Cheese to stuff Chicken Breasts. Great base for a stuffed Portabello mushroom! Idea's are endless. Let it drain a bit longer and crumble it over salads like you would fetta.

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