Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lj's Skinny Gluten Free Bacon & Portabello Alfredo


2 Rashers of Bacon diced (fat & rubs removed)
1 Large Portabello Slices
2 cloves of fresh Garlic Crushed
3 Tablespoons of Gluten Free Plain Flour
1 Cup of Chicken Stock ( I use Vegteta Chicken Stock Powder and boiled water)
1 Cup of Skim Milk
1 Tablespoon of butter
1/2 Cup of Parmesan Cheese
2 Cups of Gluten Free Pasta ( I've used a Garlic & Parsley Spirals
Splash of Olive Oil

What to do...

Heat a large non stick fry pan and add a splash of olive oil. 
Sauté the garlic, bacon and mushrooms. Boil the water and cook your pasta. 

Add the flour and butter and stir thoroughly until the butter is melted. Let the flour cook for a few minutes. 

Add the Chicken Stock and stir continuously until smooth
 ( you don't want lumps in your sauce) add the milk and stir to combine until smooth. 

Add the Parmesan Cheese! And give it another good stir. Season with cracked pepper and Rock Salt. 
(I love the Murray River Salt)

Finally add the cooked pasta! 


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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Lj's Ham & Cheese Stuffed Chicken

This really is a simple easy recipe! Perfect Sunday night dinner! No real recipe as such, the picture ^^^ says it all! I have made these plain because I have really fussy eaters. You can literally stuff them with whatever you like... my faves being sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives and camembert being one! Paremsan and pesto, gorgonzola and chopped walnuts even... Use your imagination and flavours you enjoy.

I have not included measurements here, you can make this for 2 people or 20 people!


Chicken thighs without the bone
Tasty Cheese cut into squares weighing approx 20 grams (half the size of a match box)
Bacon with the rind and fat removed (Parma Ham or proscuitto is also delicious)
Lean thinly sliced ham

Here is what I do... Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Remove all fat from the chicken thighs and lay flat on the top of a slice of bacon long ways. Wrap the cheese in the ham and then lay that on the chicken thigh in the centre. Wrap in the bacon and secure with a toothpick. Place into a baking dish and pop into a preheated oven until golden and cooked through. This will depend on how many thighs you are cooking. I have only cooked 6 and used a dish just big enough for them. I baked these for 45 mins - an hour, turning half way during the cooking process. Pop under the grill for only a few minutes right at the end to crisp up the bacon if you like it that way. (Make sure you have a sturdy baking dish that can handle the heat)

I have served with steamed veggies and a low fat potato bake...

EASY huh! ENJOY =)

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Pumpkin, Leek & Parsnip Soup

I came up with this soup recipe whilst cleaning out my crisper yesterday! Just had some for lunch today and it's so much yummier after sitting overnight :-) it's fresh, healthy, low in fat and just simply delicious!!


1 Parsnip (200 grams)
Kent Pumpkin (300 grams)
1 Clove of crushed fresh garlic
1 Teas Butter
3 Cups of Water
2-3 Teas of Veggie Stock  Powder ( I use Vegeta )
Rock salt and cracked pepper

What to do :

Sauté the leek and garlic in the butter until soft. 

Add the veggies, water and stock powder, rock salt and cracked pepper. 

Cook until the veggies are tender and blend with a stick mixer.

Enjoy with a piece of toast, I'm having some homemade multigrain bread with pumpkin, chia and sesame seeds..... YUM!

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