Saturday, 4 January 2014

Lj's Healthy Frittata ~ Great for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Man of the house decided he would love this for lunch.. Not long got him to even 
try eggs and now all he wants are my Frittata's! This is a great Breakfast or Lunch Recipe!

This one has the following Ingredients to serve 2 :

4 Free Range Eggs
 Fresh Parsley & Chives chopped
(SO lucky my herb garden is plentiful!)
1/2 Cup of Skim Milk
100g Diced Lean Ham off the Bone
(However much you like really and whatever you like
 I add enough to almost cover the bottom of the pan)
Capsicum (approx 1/4 small)
Shallots (1 Large)
Portabello Mushroom (1 Large)
Grated Zucchini (1/2 a small one)
60g of Finely grated Live Free Kraft Tasty Cheese

What to do:

Heat a non stick pan (that is suitable to go under the grill) and spray with cooking spray. Add the veggies and cook until tender. Add the diced Ham. Give it a good mix to combine. Using a Stick Mixer whisk the Eggs and the milk, then add the chopped herbs, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper. I find that if you give it a really good whisk the end result is so light and fluffy! Pour the egg mix over the ham and veggies and let it cook until about half way through. Top with the Cheese.  Heat up the grill and put your pan under it until your Frittata is golden brown and cooked through the center. If you don't have a pan that you can put under the grill you can carefully turn it over in the pan to brown the other side.

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