Monday, 23 June 2014

Purple Carrot & Sweet Potato Chips!

Healthy and delicious oven roasted Chips!

All you need is:

Purple Carrots
Sweet Potato
Olive Oil or Melted Coconut oil
Louisiana Creole Dip Mix

Cut the veggies into Chips, pop into a freezer bag. Drizzle with Olive Oil or melted Coconut Oil. I have used one large carrot and a medium sized sweet potato to approx a tablespoon of olive oil. Place onto an oven tray lined with baking paper and roast at 200°C until golden.

Some awesome info about purple carrots...( information found :

As is standard with most produce, purple carrots are fat free, low in calories, high in fiber, loaded with vitamins and can fill you up without all the harmful byproducts in many of today’s sugary and salty snack foods. Purple carrots are also high in antioxidants which have been proven to reduce cancer risks among many other wonderful benefits. The FDA has actually approved for growers to market carrots as having no fat, being low in saturated fat, high in Vitamin A, cholesterol free, low in sodium, and a great daily source of fiber. In fact, eating one whole raw carrot gives you enough Vitamin A for an entire day.

Not only does eating this purple power vegetable help you lose weight, but it has additional benefits like protecting blood vessels, fighting against diabetes, improving vision, and reducing allergic reactions and inflammation. The pigment that gives the carrot its fantastic purple color is called anthocyanins and they contain the free radical eliminating antioxidants that are so great for our bodies.

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