Saturday, 22 October 2011

Loving the fact it's Saturday and time to hit the 2nd hand shops and the Kitchen shops!

I'm watching a few episodes of "Sugar" I recorded on Lifestyle Food Channel, one of my very fave shows! It looks like it is going to be a gorgeous Saturday outside! I have been up for a few hours already and having an early breakfast as I am home alone, which is rare! I know later today I'm going to wish I had of made our normal Saturday brunch! I'm going to be out and about today, I found an awesome 2nd hand Webber at the Op Shop and I have to go and pick it up first thing, then off to Brazilian Jui Jitsu with mini me. After that we are going to hit the shops to look for some bling for her to wear at Graduation and also check out the kitchen shops! I'm almost out of chutney, just finishing it off with breakfast so I better make some more of that tomorrow. I haven't had much time to blog this week, I've been so busy with my new job! I'm loving being in the kitchen again, we have a great little team and our Clients are just lovely. I'm in the process of planning a Luncheon Menu for Melbourne Cup Day and already thinking about Christmas.. Really excited! Well, a few things to do before I head out for the day. Have a great Saturday! Happy Cooking :-)

Mmmmmmm........ breakfast with a nice strong coffee :-)

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