Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lj's Chicken Wellingtons..

It's our anniversary today so I thought I would make something special for dinner after a big day out having a beautiful seafood lunch at Portside Takeaway at Runaway Bay down the Gold Coast and shopping at Harbour Town!


Chicken breast
Slice of tasty cheese
Shaved Ham
Onion finely chopped
Mushrooms thinly sliced
1 Slice Puff Pastry

What to do:

Brown the chicken breast and cook until almost cooked, set aside to cool. Saute the onion and mushroom and let cool. While the chicken is cooling place your slice of cheese and ham into the centre of the pastry. When the chicken is cool sit on the top and then top with the mushrooms and onions.

Wrap the parcel tightly and seal with egg wash.

As you can see I like things rustic lol..... Pop onto an oven tray lined with baking paper and cook at 200 deg for around 25 - 30 mins until the pastry is golden.

Dinner is served and the apron is off for today!

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