Sunday, 25 November 2012

Semi-Dried Roma Tomatoes With Fresh Herbs In Virgin Olive Oil

Semi-Dried Roma Tomatoes With Fresh Herbs In Virgin Olive Oil.....

I'm new to Dehydrators and loaned my Mum's initially to dry some Sugar Flowers for a wedding cake. I bought some cheap Roma Tomatoes and decided to give making sundried tomatoes a go. Great for summer salads and home made vingarettes and salad dressing.
 Also great in a nice jar to give as gifts.
I've sliced the Tomatoes approx 1cm thick, seasoned with some himilyan salt and dried Italian Herbs. A lot of recipes I have seen have said to take out the seeds but that is a mission and I think leaving the seeds in will give a much nicer flavour even though they take a little longer to dry. They took approx 10 hours to dry . I've made some semi dried (approx 3/4 dry) Added them to sterilised jars and layed them with fresh basil, oregano and thyme from my garden and some mashed galic cloves. Topped them up with Cobram Estate Virgin Olive Oil and sealed. The others I have dried completely and popped into an air tight container. I can use these later and rehydrate in a nice vinegar with mustard seeds and herbs to make a lower fat version. Very happy with the way they have turned out!

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